Happy Homefront is dedicated to helping “Geographically Challenged” families overcome the, often unique, daily obstacles that being apart brings to their lives.  Happy Homefront is the first online community for all “Geographically Challenged” families. While there does exist a number of sites that cater to specific groups/professions (e.g. military, airline pilots), there are many professions for which there is no support community.  There are more similarities between these groups than there are differences. The more information and support we have, the greater our success.

Our website offers a virtual home filled with advice, support, friendship and entertainment. Our aim is to inspire, encourage, and empower families to overcome distance together. Whether your home-away family member is gone for a week, a month or a year, our community will not only help you survive but also thrive. You can create a Happy Homefront!

Our Story
Carrie juggles two children, a full-time job and occasionally seeing her husband (a major airline pilot). Distance has always been a part of her relationship with her husband.  Two of the first three years before they got married was spent apart as her husband sought to build up his flight time.  The “turbulence” continued after marriage, when her husband got furloughed from a regional airline post 9-11, eventually got hired by another regional airline, went back to work for the original regional airline, got hired by a major airline, and has been on the brink of another furlough for years.   While her and her family’s work separations are typically no longer than 5 or 6 days at a time, rarely having a spouse home over the weekends (when the rest of the world socializes), holidays (e.g. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays), or at kid functions is a struggle.   Having children and no family around for thousands of miles makes the situation a little more complicated:)


A mother of three and a military wife with a full time job Natalie has years of experience with short and long term separation, including many stressful overseas deployments. By their second wedding anniversary Natalie and her husband had only spent 10 months together and had an eleven month old child.

Most recently her husband was classified as a “geographical bachelor” living away from their family home for almost three years.  Having her young family separated presents numerous challenges which are heightened by the fact that she lives in an area where there is no military base nor where she has any family to provide support and assistance.

Carrie and Natalie met in school in 1999 and have remained close friends every since. Over the years (and the miles) they have provided each other with emotional support, lending a shoulder (over the phone) when needed.  In 2011 they identified the need for a place where other families experiencing similar challenges could connect, support each other and share their words of wisdom.

Happy Homefront strives to become a wonderful resource for you and your family.  Please let us know how we can improve by emailing us at: comments@happyhomefront.net.
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