Visit us at Happy Homefront!

28 Jun

Be part of an exciting new community – HAPPY HOMEFRONT! 

Happy Homefront is dedicated to helping “Geographically Challenged” families overcome the daily obstacles that being apart brings to their lives. Our website offers a virtual home filled with advice, support, friendship and entertainment. Our aim is to inspire, encourage, and empower families to overcome distance together. Whether your home-away family member is gone for a week, a month, or a year, our community will not only help you survive but also thrive.

Happy Homefront is the first online community for all “Geographically Challenged” families. While there does exist a number of sites that cater to specific groups/professions (e.g. military, airline pilots), there are many professions for which there is no support community.  There are more similarities between these groups than there are differences. The more information and support we have, the greater our success.

Why Join?

We have a ton of great resources, checklists, articles, videos, contests, general forums, and directed forums/groups for specific industries.    You will meet people who understand what you are going through and will help get you through it!   Let’s face it – having a partner/spouse who isn’t home half/most of the time is difficult.   Make it easier on yourself – get information relevant to the unique needs of your family and find other folks who “get” it.  It’s free…so come on visit us!  You may even win a prize:)